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trend #1: personalisation

How nice is it to personalise jewellery? You can always have the names or letters of your loved ones or best friends with you. Click here for our initials, constellations, medallions and engraving items.

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trend #2: multi-layered necklaces

People are busy mixing and matching necklaces. It' s great fun, but sometimes difficult to select the right necklace. We have designs that don't need that anymore, see them here.

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trend #3: earrings

We see a wide choice of different earrings and everything is mixed together. There are the ear cuffs, single plugs, pull-through earrings and a wide choice of earrings and ear-studs that can be played with and combined.

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trend #4: gold-plated silver

The real gold trend is all the rage. A thin layer of this over silver makes this trend available to everyone.

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We have brought the finest gold and silver basics together under one label: Essentials. The name says it all...

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This gold jewellery features a silver core, giving it all the comfort and quality of solid jewellery while keeping it affordable.

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